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Dani-girl was involved in a single car accident last night. And by single car, I mean hers. When I asked if she was alright, she said, “Yeah, but my life flashed before my eyes.”

“Did you see yourself with little boobies?” I asked.


Good talk…

Seriously, she’s fine, but the car sustained some damage. The good news is that she’s still going to the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday with her camera. But she’s not driving.

We told Tom this year’s Super Bowl Party is going to be at his house. After deciding he couldn’t stop the giant snowball barreling down on him, he emailed the invitations.

I couldn’t care less who wins the big game on Sunday. However, as always, I will offer my complimentary picks. Call your bookie and say, “Give me a nickel on Over 54, a nickel on the Giants +12, and hook ’em up for a buck.” He’ll know what you mean.

Also, be sure to back up these plays with a dime on the coin-toss: Tails.

– A town called Dildo.  

11 personalities guaranteed to ruin your Super Bowl Party. 

– Amstel Light helps the ladies understand men. Thanks, T. 

Hike up your skirt a little more. And show your world to me.

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