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I flew out of town yesterday, and have but one question for the airlines – Why can’t I listen to my MP3 player during the takeoff and landing?

It’s not like the thing is shooting out microwave frequencies. Crap, it’s nothing more than a tiny Walkman.

If I’m going to meet my demise in a fiery plane crash, I would rather be listening to Van Halen than a fat lady asking if she can have my peanuts.

A can of disinfectant in a bathroom caught my attention today. The label read, “Virucidal effective against Herpes Simplex I & II and the HIV (aids) virus.”

If this is true, why can’t I spray this stuff on my winkie instead of wearing a condom? I’m just asking…

We’re going to keep the SOB Store open through the weekend. Be sure to place your T-shirt order by Sunday night.

Somebody said, “Fair warning.” Lord, strike that poor boy down!

2 Responses to “Mean Street”

  1. Christie says:

    I turn my mp3 player on anyway. Fuck the airlines, hehe.

  2. matthew deak says:

    pussies are good

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