Cock Soup

It’s Saturday Night – 11:29 to be exact – the 12 beers I consumed earlier in the day have apparently worn off after a little nap – so I might as well say what’s on my mind.

I’m wide awake now, and more excited than Nancy Pelosi speaking at an illegal immigrant rally.

How about enforcing the laws on the books, Madam Speaker?

Here’s my take on the current TV viewing habits of American voters:

– Republicans watch cable news.
– Democrats watch American Idol.
– Independents watch Jack Ass.

If I was a small business owner, and was forced to layoff employees because of Obama’s proposed tax hikes, my solution would be simple. I would walk through the parking lot looking for ‘Obama’ bumper stickers on cars. I would then call each of those employees into my office and tell them they no longer have a job. I can’t think of a more fair way to handle it.

I mean, Obama makes a joke about The Special Olympics on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the liberal media totally ignores it. What would have happened if a Republican would have said the same thing?

I don’t know why I’m in such a political mood tonight. Maybe it’s because I’m horny, the fresh beer I’m drinking tastes good, and I just took a Xanax.

Good night. I’m going to see how my NCAA bracket picks fared against Obama’s.

Dont save a prayer for me now. Save it ’til the morning after.

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