Sore Thumb

It’s a little out of focus, but this is what a blood blister looks like. If you want to now how it feels, imagine someone hitting your thumb with a sledgehammer.

I’m finally trying to get into all of this Twitter and Facebook stuff. I mentioned I was sending updates to Twitter the other day. I have also created a SOB page on Facebook. Tell your friends

There’s just one problem right now – my new phone doesn’t work. I mean I have a Touch phone, but nothing happens when I touch it.

I’ve been with women like that.

Stupidity Tax Offense: Sending a snide email or text message to your significant other after you’ve been drinking all day. Cha Ching! – $10.

Okay, this video may not be funny unless you know the players. And even then, you still might not find it funny.

Here’s the setup: 

Chico was exhausted and driving back from Jeff City. Gina Party, Sheila E. and I were having cocktails at the satellite office waiting for him.

Gina had brought home three bottles of wine for herself. I thought that sounded delicious, so we conspired against Chico to stop and get me some. I knew he wouldn’t go to Trader Joe’s for my dumb ass. But I figured he would for a chick.

So I convinced Gina to call Chico and ask him to pick up some wine for her. The video shows her rehearsing how she was going to explain the three bottles of wine she already had.

Please note that the loud burp heard in this epic clip was generated by the filmmaker. And by filmmaker, I mean Sheila E.

You need to have Apple QuickTime installed to view the video because I don’t have the time or patience to convert it to Windows Media format.

– The great wine incident of 2009. NSFW

It’s down to me. The difference in the clothes she wears. Down to me, the change has come.

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