But it's a lock, Jerry! 
Exacta box?

I invented another drinking game over the weekend – Countdown.

The rules are pretty simple. Get together with three friends, and assign each player a number between 1 and 4. Then turn on Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

A player will drink a shot of beer every time he says the words that correspond to the player’s number.

  1. Rush Limbaugh
  2. Republican Party
  3. Fox News
  4. Right Wing Conspiracy

For added fun, keep a shot of vodka in front of each player, and drink a “Social” whenever he says ” The Bush Administration.”

When the hour is over, you and your friends will be drunker than Boris Yeltsin.

Stupidity Tax Offense: Making people wait in line at the bank while you spend 20 minutes asking the teller to look up foreign currency exchange rates. Cha Ching! – $10.

I mean 6.7 euros.

Whoa, thought it was a nightmare. Lo, it’s all so true. They told me, “Don’t go walking slow ‘Cause Devil’s on the loose.”

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  1. christie says:


    But then we’d have to watch MSNBC…. 🙂

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