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Neon Deon

UPDATE (2/4): What an ass whoppin’. I should have included Game On Dude in the San Antonio Stakes at Santa Anita. Winner.

I’ve picked the last five Super Bowl winners ATS, and today I am going to bury your man. You’ll have bookmakers running for cover coast-to-coast. You’ll be driving around in a new Cadillac with your bookie’s name on the license plate because HE PAID FOR IT!

Sorry, I don’t know where I was going with that. Anyway, my best play in Super Bowl XLVII is UNDER 47.5.

I guess it wouldn’t be right not to pick the winning team, so let’s look at some key factors in the game. Earlier this week, a player on the 49ers said a gay teammate wouldn’t be welcome in their locker room. He later back pedaled on his statement.


But an anti-gay slur doesn’t compare to the scumbag jack wagon that is Ray Lewis. I bet Coach John Harbaugh refuses to let him give pregame speeches. Ray Lewis yells, “Now let’s go out and KILL these guys!” And everybody throws their hands in the air, and slowly backs away.

Bottom line – While there are dipshits on both teams, and the brother vs. brother is a fun angle, there is no bigger hypocrite douche whistle than Ray Lews. PICK: SF -3.5

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