sign outside bar

Wow, the Summer of Benny didn’t win the Riverfront Times’ Best Blog again. Shocker. I think this year’s winner maintains a site with pictures of hair weaves. Last year it was Urban Review STL. The year before that it was Angry Black Bitch.

I’m noticing a pattern here.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a birthday party where three Mexicans were guests. They brought a bottle of tequila and asked why there wasn’t a piñata. At least they weren’t adding to any stereotypes.

These guys were cool. But since they were the only Hispanics present, people started asking questions about enchiladas and lawn care.

I wanted to crawl under the table, you know, with the bottle of tequila.

They didn’t stay long, though. They said they had to go watch a fight. But I think they’d had their fill of drunk gringos.

Dizzy, drunk and fightin’
On tequila white lightnin’
My glass is getting shorter
On whiskey, ice and water