Making Stinky

I enjoy using Facebook and Twitter. They allow me to find people that annoy me – and then ignore them with the click of a mouse.

If you write things like…

Just had a pot pie. Yummmmmm!


Today was the BEST day EVER!!! 🙂


Wtf r we voting 4 now?


pple i jus voted 4 whoeva u pple r umm hope u win cuz i voted n idk wat u plan on doing buh umm yea lol

…you are fingernails on the blackboard of my life.


Have you ever had a girl stick a finger up your butt, and then tell you later she’s missing a fake fingernail – which caused you to pull the car over, and use the Taco Bell napkins in your glove box to find it?

Me neither.

I am now
A central part
Of your mind’s landscape
Whether you care
Or do not
Yeah, I’ve made up your mind