Captcha - Saturday Whacking

I weighed less than 150 lbs. when I graduated high school. This morning I weighed 210.

What year did I graduate high school? Well, that would be 19-none of your business.

But I’ll tell you this – I’m getting back into shape. And my exercise of choice is going to be running. I mean, this is the perfect time of year for me to put in miles after work – because it’s dark.

It’s not like I would take off my shirt or anything. But I certainly don’t need a crowd watching while I attempt to move my massive frame up a hill at a 15 minute per mile clip.

I’d like to share more about my training schedule, but I ran a half-mile today, and need to take a hot shower and lay down.

I’m sure a lot of runners end their day the same way. You know, minus the bourbon.

I don’t know about anyone but me