Meat Candy Cane

A candy cane shaped piece of pork probably isn’t the best picture to use on the first night of Hanukkah.

I’m not trying to be insensitive here. I just don’t have a lot of Jewish friends. But Happy Hanukkah to you both.

Actually, one of them is my financial adviser. And we haven’t spoken since he told me to put everything on the Colts in last year’s Super Bowl.

I invented a new drinking game: Press Release

1. Type ‘Press Release’ in an internet search engine
2. Click on any link
3. Take a shot of your favorite liquor every time you read the word ‘Synergy’

You’ll be shit-hammered in less than thirty minutes.

L’Chaim, bitches.

I can see her lyin’ back in her satin dress
In a room where ya do what ya don’t confess