Wanted: Good Woman and Tractor Sign

I have one thing to say to the NFL and the players’ union while they work on a new collective bargaining agreement – move Super Bowl Sunday to Saturday night.

Most of the free world could care less about billionaires arguing with millionaires. Just work it out.

But the Monday after the Super Bowl is brutal. Change it.

Meanwhile, we have the teachers’ union in Wisconsin fighting with the state legislature.

Unions certainly have their place in the private sector because of competition and consumer choice. State governments, however, have no competition.

Econ 101 class concluded…

Back to Wisconsin: Democratic state senators have fled to Illinois to stall the vote. Teachers have been off the job for over a week. Doctors are roaming the crowd offering to write fake sick notes to protesters.

But Heaven help me if I call in sick the day after the Super Bowl.

And I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor
We can go slow or make it go faster