Storm Crew

It’s obviously been a while since I updated The SOB, so here’s a recap of what’s happened since the last post.

March 26th – Tom & Crowe Dog leave for Hawaii

March 30th – Crowe Dog falls in love in Hawaii (not with Tom)

April 1st – Drinking Club at my place after work. From this point forward, Drinking Club meetings will be referred to as ‘DC’.

April 3rd – Picked up Tom & Crowe Dog from airport

April 7th – DC

April 15th – DC

April 16th – Met Crowe Dog’s new girlfriend – went to party at George G’s – I wore my Letterman jacket from high school – kind of a snug fit.

April 17th – DC moved for the day to Crowe Dog’s. We opened the meeting with Mimosas – later switched to beer and grilled.

April 18th – Picked up Tom’s drunk ass at Trainwreck. He had flown in from Denver and felt it made more sense to drink than go home. DC held at his place after.

April 20th – DC

April 21st – Parties in the Plaza with Wile E. Coyote.

April 22nd – Tornadoes

April 23rd  – Tom bought a chainsaw, and we cut down the trees that crashed into Crowe Dog’s house while he was out of town. Local media started referring to the previous day as ‘The Good Friday Storm’ – but I’ll always call it ‘The I can’t believe Crowe Dog was out of town and we got stuck cleaning up his shit… Storm.’

April 25th – DC. D-bag neighbor complained about the amount of bass coming from the country music on my stereo – which there was none – but wow, he’s a grad student and had a paper due. It’s called a f’n library. Google it.

April 29th – Helped Crowe Dog cover the insulation in his basement with plastic. I ate Long John Silvers. That made me feel good about myself.

April 30th – 5k in the AM – then helped Crowe Dog move 27 pieces of sheetrock down to his basement. Trainwreck with him and Tom after – the young kids love their shots.

May 1st – DC (Sunday Funday) moved to Crowe Dog’s. I can’t wait for him to finish his basement so the DC meetings can go back to being held at my place – where they belong.

And I’m not missin’ a thing
Watchin’ the full moon crossin’ the range