kid's test answer

Cyber Monday was nothing like I thought it would be. Looks like I’ll have to put the webcam and lotion away for another night.

Things that make me say WTF?

Black Friday – People go shopping when they know the parking lots and stores are going to be crowded.

How everything sounds funnier when you follow it with “bitches”.

“See you later” isn’t funny.

Now try, “See you later, bitches.”

People that make noises like “Mmmmmm” when they take a bite of food.

People that live in Section 8 housing, receive welfare, food stamps and Medicaid – but have new furniture, a flat-screen TV and an iPhone.

Ice Skating with the Stars

Grown-ups that make loud popping noises with their gum.

People that can name every American Idol winner, but can’t name their U.S. Congressman and Senators.

There are a lot of other things that make me say WTF? For example, why haven’t I made another drink.

Night, bitches.

We made love, She said I was the first
My boy kept tellin’ me. Yo, I don’t know
I think your girl’s been playing tic tac toe