Things That Make You Go Hmmm….

Cyber Monday was nothing like I thought it would be. Looks like I’ll have to put the webcam and lotion away for another night. Things that make me say WTF? Black Friday – People go shopping when they know the parking lots and stores are going to be crowded. How everything sounds funnier when you […]

Round Here

The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday – 90 degrees and sunny. I’ll tell you something, though – I could use a rainy weekend – because I am way behind on my spring cleaning. Times are tough this summer, too. I had to decide between running the air-conditioner or the ice maker. The ice maker […]

Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

I was able to fix the alignment issue with the Facebook widget in the left sidebar. The solution was pretty straight forward. I just changed the left and right margin values for the .sidebars li class in the CSS file. Old .sidebars li { list-style-image: none; margin: 0 0 15px 25px; <?php if ($ie): ?> […]

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

The Clinton Culinary Combo Kitchen Tool Set I hate having to remember so many passwords. I have seven just at work. They are all different, and they all have different requirements. 6-14 characters, upper/lower case, special characters like “!,@,#,$<%,^,&,*”… Not to mention they have to be changed every “X” number of days. But I came […]

Mexican Radio

There’s nothing like following the weekend with a 12-hour workday. Sweet. I watched the Preakness on Saturday with Tim F and TMShay. I call her that because she would rather spot celebrities than the only speed in a five furlong claiming race at Evangeline. My record for picking winners in Triple Crown races isn’t exactly stellar. Really? […]


The Bedroom (after) A bunch of friends went to the racetrack tonight. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t go. I just checked the post times, and the fifth race is about to go off. That’s usually the time I start borrowing money. Look what Benny did today! Finished cleaning the bedroom Picked up empty beer […]

Major Tom

  My new Palm Pilot Mr. O and I collaborated on my debut Country and Western album over the weekend. Here are the titles we’ve come up with so far: I Got a DUI on the Way to Get My IUD Hungover (and Horny) Get in the Truck, Bitch My Smart Phone is Stupid This Light Beer […]