Two thugs

What’s new? Let’s see…

* Gawker sent an email to let me know their website had been hacked – and my username and password are available on the internet.

* I discovered that I’ll lose more weight if I drink a protein shake after the gym instead of one from Sonic.

* I got a haircut today – and it was just me and the stylist – and she was pretty – and I may or may not have pictured her topless.

* Crowe Dog gave me a 36″ console TV – which brings the total number of television sets in my apartment to four – and not one is HD-ready.

* I bought a big bottle of store brand bourbon for $13.99, and then poured it into an empty bottle of Jim Beam.

You know, livin’ the dream.

You get a line, I’ll get a pole
We’ll go fishing in the crawfish hole

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