Ground Zero for the Swine Flu
I think we found ground zero for the swine flu

I watched Obama’s news conference tonight. I can’t understand how he spends ten minutes telling the world the US is no longer using enhanced interrogation techniques – but never mentions the war on terror. 

That’s what gets me about liberals. They’re perfectly fine with partial birth abortions. But God help us if we hold Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s head underwater for a few seconds.

Chico finally made it home for the first time since Mr. O slept in his bed. And this is the first thing he said to me.

This Day in Benny History

1996: Lunch-YMCA (20 min. stairmaster; 1 circuit @ 15; 60 sit-up mach ; 5 min. walk), PM-YMCA (45 min. walk/jog; 100 sit-up mach). 2-a-days – WTF?

1997: Lunch-3.7 mi. walk/jog 

1999: Drove to Indy to meet Red and Niro on the way to the Kentucky Derby. I had Cat Thief, Niro had Stephen Got Even, and Red had the mini-TV he bought at Wal-Mart. Charismatic won.

2003: 2.3 mi. walk/jog

2004: AM-abs; free weights, PM-3 mi. run. 2-a-days again?

2005: Boys are back in town the night before Kelly Golf Tournament – Niro, Mike S and Wil E. Coyote

2006: Kelly Golf Tournament with Niro, Josh H, Karla, Matt, Papa, G-Man and Timbo

2007: Day after Kelly Golf Tournament – slept

2008: Drove to KC

2009: Drank Jim Beam and wrote a post on the SOB

I’ll unleash my Kentucky Oaks picks tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll win.

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