Feel Your Love Tonight

Thursday morning I walked out in the rain to find my car had a flat tire. I put on the spare, and drove to a service station up the street. I told the lady attendant I wanted to drop off the tire, and pick it up the next day. She said they would be happy […]

The Show Must Go On

The Preakness is this Saturday, but if you caught the last few minutes leading up to the Kentucky Derby, you witnessed a crime. Well, maybe not a crime, but at least reason #748 not to gamble. One of the so-called experts, Mike Battaglia, correctly picked the winning horse – Animal Kingdom – as they were loading into […]

Ridin’ The Storm Out

It’s obviously been a while since I updated The SOB, so here’s a recap of what’s happened since the last post. March 26th – Tom & Crowe Dog leave for Hawaii March 30th – Crowe Dog falls in love in Hawaii (not with Tom) April 1st – Drinking Club at my place after work. From […]

Anything But Mine

I’m going to start a website to track drivers that piss me off – The domain is available. I checked. Once I get it, I’m going to post the license plate, make and model of cars that either (a) pull in front of me and then hit the brakes, or (b) refuse to let […]

Alive And Kicking

I like to laugh, but there are certain things I just don’t think are funny. That probably explains why I stopped listening to Howard Stern. Twitter allows me to follow a lot of funny people. It has also exposed me to a legion of douche bags. I’ve read jokes about things like the Tucson shooting, […]

Big Green Tractor

I have one thing to say to the NFL and the players’ union while they work on a new collective bargaining agreement – move Super Bowl Sunday to Saturday night. Most of the free world could care less about billionaires arguing with millionaires. Just work it out. But the Monday after the Super Bowl is […]

I Don’t Have To Be Me (‘Til Monday)

Ever heard of the internet? I’ve been pouring through stats and injury reports to determine the winner of this year’s Super Bowl. But none of that matters now that I’ve remembered an important key to the game – Ben Roethlisberger is a douche bag. A few years ago a buddy of mine ran into him […]